July 26, 2016

Stratford-Upon-Avon. July, 1969

Picking up on yesterday's Shakespearean post, here I am on my first trip to Europe. Of course, this English major had to go to Shakespeare's alleged birthplace. I remember staying in a very twee B&B, and attending several performances by the Royal Shakespeare Company at the Shakespeare Memorial Theatre. (Just to put things in perspective, I also remember that Shaft was playing at the local cinema.) Do you suppose I was the first (or last) person to pose with imagined sullied hands here in front of Lady Macbeth's stature in the Shakespeare memorial gardens? (It looks as if I was sporting a haircut -- and color! -- made popular back then by Twiggy. "The sun did it.")

July 25, 2016

South Orange, NJ. Autumn, 1969

One of the great gifts I received by attending the high school that I did was a love for Shakespeare. Not that we studied him at all well in class, but the Drama Club put on a different Shakespeare play every fall, and those of us who were in them came to know the plays really well, felt comfortable with them and their language, had lots of fun with them. Macbeth (I was Fleance, son of Banquo AND the "third apparition"), Julius Caesar (a citizen), The Merchant of Venice (a follower of the Prince of Aragon) and, shown here, Hamlet (I was stage manager.) As I type this, I realize that I peaked, as far as onstage time, in my freshman year and headed steadily downhill afterwards. Oh, well. This photo from our Hamlet features an old classmate of mine who is now a convicted felon serving time in federal prison. Which one do you think it is?

July 24, 2016

Springfield, NJ. Spring, 1949

When my father worked for New York Life Insurance Company, his corporate newsletter would publish photos of employees' newborns. So I guess this was my media debut. Dr. Blake likes to rag on me these days when he sees photos of the two of us. He is usually making a face; I am usually behind sunglasses and assuming a casual attitude. "You know how to pose," he says critically. What, I'd like to know, is wrong with that? It seems I've been doing so (minus the sunglasses) for a long time now.

July 23, 2016

New York, NY. Summer, 1984?

My friend David (see July 16 post) and I happened upon a lower Manhattan community art exhibit that was showing the work of local elementary school students. This is a detail of a construction labeled 'Dwanna's Museum of Arts and Riddles." We fell in love. My favorite captions within the "museum" are "This is a Fink" (sted Sphinx); "This is a calcium" (sted Colosseum) and (not seen in this photo) the riddle, "What is wind?" Dwanna, we have no idea who you are or where you are now, but David and I have been talking about your artwork for decades and will no doubt continue to do so.

July 22, 2016

Boston, MA. Spring, 1992?

When my friend Stephen showed up for his interview to work at WGBH-TV, he was approached in the lobby by a production assistant working on a series about DNA. She came up to him and asked, "Are you here for 'The Secret of Life?" He didn't know exactly how to answer. My friend Diane and I finally rounded him up for the interview, and I remember ending with the usual "Is there anything you'd like to ask us?" "Yes," he said, "Do I have to wear socks?" He got the job. This photo of the three of us was taken in Diane's office on Stephen's last day. (I'm guessing the date.) Please note the purple press kit dug up in his honor. Stephen escaped with his dignity and sanity. Diane and I endured many more years at what was then touted as "the PBS flagship station."

July 21, 2016

Milton, MA. Summer, 1989?

I call this photo, "Christina's World." Actually it's my old friend and WGBH colleague Howard at one of the company picnics (this one on the grounds of Curry College.) I remember that when I originally showed this photo to Howard (who used to wear monogramed yellow terrycloth jumpsuits to work, just saying), he screamed, "Girl, you can see right up my skirt!"

July 20, 2016

Jersey City, NJ. Sometime in 1967

I have no idea who this is. But I suspect one of my Jersey City friends, with whom I hung out back then, may have given this photo to me. At least that's what the hairdo would suggest. On the back of the photo, someone has written "Janey." No clue.