February 1, 2011

Los Angeles. October, 2007

Don’t believe everything you hear. Television is not a glamour industry. Working on commercials, in fact, is an exhausting mix of alternating quick panics and boring stretches of waiting. And after Saturday’s 16 hours of meticulously lit in-studio product shots, we were just finishing our long outdoor Sunday shoot in Pershing Square, interviewing owners of Bose in-ear headphones, trying to get in a few last participants before the sun set. Boom boxes and downtown traffic messing with our sound record. Park residents stepping “accidentally” into frame. The works. Then, an unexpected moment of calm, this man, a spiritual vision in primary colors. A good omen. A sunset unto himself.


  1. Dolla Bill Y'allFebruary 1, 2011 at 3:37 PM

    Every year from November to January the city sets up an outdoor ice skating rink in Pershing Square. Watching Angelenos ice skate was disturbing, but putting on a pair of skates and joining in proved to be a truly horrifying experience. Knowing this, let us turn to the subject of Boloniya Bread. Thanks to Google translator, I learned that a Japanese language blog called "Make us happy ♪ eat goodies" attests that Boloniya is "recommended even after a delicious bread a day"

    Another, called "In Fukuoka, eat and enjoy!" shares with us a short but heartfelt poem in honor of the bread:

    Speaking BOLONIYA, right?

    Danish is to high.

    But buying yourself to eat if go and receive joy.

    I had to cut thick and grilled. Love love!

    Butter, so rich, it'll Wait for satiety Sweat.

    Now I want to eat chocolate and green tea.

  2. I love this shot. If I hadn't read your blog I would never have imagined this was in Los Angeles. Everyone deserves a moment of Zen during a crazy work day to help you recharge and rally for the next crazy one.