November 5, 2011

Spanish Steps, Rome. October, 2011

Daddy’s little angel. One of the many scenes here on Rome’s Spanish Steps on this sunny Sunday morning. (And I don’t think the girl’s wings were in any way related to Halloween.) I had forgotten how Romans (all Italians, really) while away lazy Sundays, just strolling about with family. On streets full of closed shops. In parks like the Villa Borghese and the Gianicolo. At fountains, on benches or on storied steps such as these. Jay and I on this, our second day in Rome? After tracking down some favorite Caravaggios, I’d left him to find his own way through the Eternal Città as I backtracked to my favorite pizza place, wound my way through the centro to make dinner reservations in the Jewish ghetto and spent some silent time (in spite of the crowds) in my favorite building in the world, the Pantheon. A lovely Sunday for dolce far’ niente.


  1. Wonderful picture! Speaking of Caravaggio, you must check out Spielberg's "Tintin" adaptation. You no doubt saw posters for it in Europe. It opens in the US at Christmas. Boffo box office in Europe, it will bomb in the US, of course. No sex. No women. Who wants to see a 17-year-old boy with no visible means of support who hangs out with older men? You and I will probably be the only Americans who will have seen it. Three reasons to see "Tintin": 1. The BEST EVER 3-D effects. 2. John Williams score. 3. Caravaggio-esque "chiaroscuro" lighting.

  2. Actually, there was one female character in the "Tintin" movie -- the fat opera diva Bianca Castafiori (Tintin's favorite mezzo), who graciously makes a cameo appearance. He likes divas. Hangs out with older men. His hair is always "just so." Never mentions his family. Not interested in girls. His only companion is a fluffy little white lap dog. I wonder about that boy!

  3. I worry about that boy. I fear he will end up in the sex trade, sleeping in a Zurich subway station: