December 17, 2011

Sage Farm, Dover, MA. December, 2010

I look forward to the Sage Farm Christmas party every year. (It’s tonight!) My beloved creative partner Mike and his beloved life partner Brian have the most beautiful home and horse farm, and they turn their greenhouse into the greatest, most welcoming party space, filled with plants, a koi pond, cats and dogs, eager Yankee Swappers, terrific refreshments and a rich roster of wonderful guests. Take this group, for example. Jim (lower left) opens his Boston home to long-term international boarders, and you never know who he’s going to show up with. In this seven-up, along with our friend and Mission Hillbilly, Dave (red and center), we have our amigos queridos puertorriqueños Daniel and Evelyn, lovely first-timer Angelo (lower right) from Salerno, Italy, via Milan, and charming initiate Thomas from Germany. We counted five languages going on here. (And that’s not including Daniel’s “special” language that he declined to reveal. Or the fact that townspeople at the library where Evelyn works think that she’s Russian.) Oh, and as far as all the “red eye,” some of it’s flash, some of it, I suspect, may be the refreshments.


  1. Oh, how I love to guess people's nationalities from their facial appearance. So when you said this was a an international mix, I stopped reading and started guessing who was whence. I was more or less on the mark with Angelo (Mediterranean, I supposed) and Thomas (Teutonic/Nordic). Dave and Jim are clearly Anglo-Irish-something-or-other Celts. Daniel I pegged as Greek. I was convinced Evelyn was Slavic -- and at least have the satisfaction of not being alone in that guesstimation. Just one question remains. Who is the old queen on the right, hamming it up and trying to steal the show?

  2. Dave 'the Mission Hillbilly' GreenupDecember 22, 2011 at 11:03 AM

    Ernest.. you are right on with Jim and Dave too.. Irish and some English thrown in. As far as the old queen on the right.. she keeps on showing up each year.. no one knows who she is!! LOL!