March 3, 2015

Scotch Plains, NJ. Spring, 1972

Look at these kids. They're closing in on 60 now. Yikes! How can that be? The label on this slide indicates that it was the Drama Club picnic at the first school I taught at. We'd just finished our limited run of The Boys from Syracuse and must have had this little outing (with cake) at a nearby park. I don't remember the event, but my teacher's mind can still remember some of their names: Margen Kelsey, Guy Zannelli, Loren Salvato, Gerry Appel, Norm Chester, Charles Payne, such nice kids. Where are they now, I wonder?

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  1. Gerry Appel here. Hey, Sandy (though I feel as if I should call you Mr. Leonard). Later this month (March 2015), I will be turning 59, so don't push 60 on me! Where am I now? Well, I run/teach at/own a small acting school (kids and adults) in East Brunswick, NJ (Playhouse Acting Academy) after a lifetime of acting, directing and producing plays and musicals on the right and left coast both professionally and not so professionally. You directed the first show I was ever in -- MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER -- where I played part of a chorus of boys who sang Silent Night at the end of Act 1. I remember BOYS FROM SYRACUSE quite clearly (There'll Be An Execution. There's Going to be a Killing. Hooray! Harroo!) Sad to say, we lost Chuck Payne to the blight of Aids about 20 years ago. Hope you are doing well.
    All the best,
    Gerry Appel