April 12, 2015

Los Angeles. January, 1992

There is an episode of 'I Love Lucy' in which Lucy visits Hollywood and gets Richard Widmark's autograph on the only item she happens to have with her, a grapefruit. When she returns to the East Coast and tries to show it off, it has wizened dramatically and is virtually unreadable. I thought of that episode today as I came across this mish-mash of a photo. I was a guest at Vincent Price's Hollywood home, and the guest room had many photos on the shelves from parties he'd attended with his wife, the actress Coral Browne. I was enthralled and (I admit) put down several photos on the bed and tried to take photos of the photos. Here is the grapefruit-like result. Still, if you look closely, you might be able to pick out Vincent and Coral along with their friends Joan Rivers, Mr. and Mrs. Billy Wilder, Jessica Tandy, Karl Malden, Roddy McDowall and David Hockney.

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