October 30, 2015

Watertown, MA. October, 2015

I'm not a big fan of "church." But I am a big fan of "church bazaar." Especially if it's the annual one at St. James Armenian Church just down the hill from me. And especially if I can go TWICE on opening day. Early with my friend Donna to scout the "Attic Treasures" and to get first shot at the pastry table (where I picked up an apricot/pineapple square and a cream kadayif, plus some hummus and tabbouleh.) At dinner time, I returned with my friends Lisa (née Hagopian, who kindly took this photo) and Jeff to cruise the pastry offerings again (more hummus and tabbouleh -- SO good--, some baklava, a nut kadayif) and to chow down on a lamb/losh kebab combo platter. We circled the room MANY times before we were able to negotiate three seats together. The Armenian woman next to me instructed us on authentic cooking ways, while she disabused me of the notion that the Armenian nickname a neighbor had given me 15 years ago ("Amanoush") meant "Sweetie Pie." When I asked her what it actually meant, she said, "It's something you don't want to say." Yikes!

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