November 3, 2016

Istanbul. June, 2007

Today I have my annual physical exam. The doctor will tell me that according to the "formula" in his computer (which tracks age, family history, exercise habits, smoking history, etc.), I am at risk for a heart attack. Because I don't want to take medication, I counter with, "Suppose I had no family history, had an ideal height/weight ratio, never smoked, exercised regularly, but was still over 65?" He always answers, "Your age alone makes you a candidate for medication." So everyone over 65 is a candidate for medication? Who made this formula, the drug company? At which point, he takes my blood pressure, which is, understandably at that moment, sky high. The conversation closes with my saying, annually, that I will control everything by diet. Which probably means giving up every food that I enjoy, like cheese (several varieties of which are on sale here at the market next to Istanbul's Spice Bazaar.)

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  1. Listen to your heart. It knows best. Most people don't do that, which is why doctors suggest medication. Be aware of your body. Live every moment. Enjoy your husband ... your home ... your favorite foods ... your friends ... the fall foliage. Sheesh, I can't believe I am writing such trite claptrap, true as it is.