April 11, 2017

Tucson, AZ. March, 2017

What the hell is this? An alcove outside of a mosque where visitors leave their shoes? An entryway to a Japanese home, also a place where guests leave their shoes outside? Nope. It's an artist's installation, seen on our gallery crawl one warm night last month. The shoes are all made from plaster, all grouped just inside the warehouse gallery's front door.

1 comment:

  1. My left eyelid starts twitching as my latent OCD tendencies go into panic mode at the sight of these mismatched, mis-sized shoes in almost-but-not-quite-proper rows. No, I never speak of it. It's a minor compulsion. I can deal with it if I want to. But two shoes are pointing backwards ... no, three ... four shoes are pointing backwards ... twitch ... one high-top is at a 45-degree angle. Or is it 47 degrees? Twitch-twitch.