June 28, 2017

Zurich. June, 2007

The world’s most livable city? I’ll buy that. On our way home from Istanbul, we stopped in Zurich for a night (Nick stayed on) at the very nice Hotel Storchen, and here’s one city resident I watched from our window. On he went, right through the middle of the city, down the river from the lake, into the center of things. Later that evening, we met our friend Andreas for a terrific dinner outdoors at Josef (on “gas meter street”), a ride on the cleanest tram in the world, and a stroll through some of the more colorful, adult parts of town near the university. After a good night’s sleep, I got up and ran for miles on both sides of the lake, through gardens and parks, past docks, early-morning boaters, commuters. Then back for the Storchen’s magnificent breakfast buffet of rolls, pastries, meats, cheeses, yogurt, cereals, etc. (Don’t you love vacationing in countries that take breakfast seriously?) A final stroll through the center and I was off on the ultra-convenient train from downtown to the airport and home on SWISS. Yes, I’d say that’s most livable.

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