October 9, 2017

Barcelona. November, 2010

Zumos on parade! One of the many fruit and juice stalls within Barcelona’s central market, La Boqueria. For 1.5 Euros you can pick up one of these refreshing juice containers in any number of flavor combinations: orange, raspberry, orange/carrot, kiwi/pineapple, papaya/coconut, you understand. I chose pineapple/mango and was glad I did. It’s tough to walk through this great market and not develop an appetite, one that you might not want to spoil before your 1:30pm lunchtime. So a zumo de something may be just the ticket. Just be careful to count your change. I gave the señorita a ten-Euro note and she only gave me change for a 5. A few moments later I realized the discrepancy and returned to a look of feigned astonishment. She quickly acquiesced after my detailed (and loud) explanation witnessed by other nearby potential customers. A little knowledge of Spanish comes in handy.

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