July 25, 2012

Tucson. November, 2006

Feeding the coyotes a Ritz cracker? Seems like it’s probably “none of your business” to do that. Do kids still say this, taunting one another with it from an early age? I think maybe it should change with the coming of adulthood into “None of my business.” A confirmed TV news addict, I stopped watching all such stuff on the morning after Election Day 2000, when the presidential “winner” was still being questioned because of some idiosyncrasies in the Florida ballots. Remember that? Then, some ten months later, I stopped listening to NPR news when I heard the name of one of my former students in a story about people killed in the World Trade towers. I don’t miss the news at all. Every six months or so, I ask Jay what the current top stories are, and they all sound like the same ones time after time. Terrorism. Oil. Political chicanery. Basta. When I sign out of my Hotmail account and am presented with a list of headlines on the msn.com homepage (“Bee Gee to leave hospital,” “Mom, son die in two crashes,” “Jessica Simpson gives birth”), I more often than not say to myself, “None of my business.” Life is simpler that way.

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  1. "There was fresh fighting along the border between Lebanon and Syria today. It will be a long time before peace returns to this unsettled region ...." Sam Donaldson, Beirut Correspondent, reporting in July 1978 on The ABC Evening News with Harry Reasoner and Barbara Walters.