January 25, 2013

Kadıköy, Istanbul. June, 2007

Oh, what wonders befall the intrepid tourist who bravely crosses the Bosphorus by ferry to explore the Asian side of Istanbul. First of all, there’s Çiya, my favorite restaurant in all of the city (and one that’s slowly being recognized by a growing number of international fans. A meal there is a thrilling adventure.) Then there are the numerous shops offering honey and yogurt, an amazing assortment of olives, candied items that boggle the mind (candied tomatoes? baby eggplants? olives?) And that’s even before you get to the weekday outdoor market further up the road where farmers come in from the country to offer strange greens and herbs, the ripest fruit, the freshest produce, along with vendors of socks, underwear, kitchen utensils...oh, and these wigs and hairpieces in all the shades you might want. Or need.

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  1. Instanbul has always had a strange pull for me. I'll have to check out CIYA when I head there. As for the wigs, that's a whole lot of want and need!