January 27, 2013

Providence, RI. January, 2013

On a recent visit with my friend Simon to the museum at the Rhode Island School of Design (his alma mater), we had the great pleasure of seeing an exhibit/installation by artist Alejandro Diaz. Diaz blends elements of Pop Art, text, irony, self-mocking and other related elements to create some beautiful and provocative results. He’s known for his black-marker-on-cardboard signs that carry such legends as “By Disappointment Only,” “Will Work For Ever,” “I Beg to Differ,” “May Contain Peanuts” and “In the future, everyone will be famous for $15.” This sign outside the museum is Diaz’s work, too. As is the promotion that promises a toaster to everyone who initiates a new museum membership or renews an old one. “While supplies last.” (By the way, this sign violates truth in advertising. Probably a good thing.)

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