May 9, 2013

Paris. December, 2005

My friend Donna has just returned from a brief trip to visit her daughter (on a medical fellowship) in Paris. Her verdict: “A cesspool.” A bit harsh (and inaccurate), I think, n’est-ce pas? She said that only old people were dressed in style. That the metro was unsafe late at night. That men “looked” at them in lascivious ways. Yeah? So? I love Paris. And I don’t need much more than what you see here: a room of my own, tucked under the eaves, warm in the winter, the wrappings on the bed evidence of some recently enjoyed bread and cheese. Hôtel du Palais Bourbon, Nick’s regular choice, situated comfortably and conveniently in the 7eme arrondissement, was just right.

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  1. ...had the same aversive reaction upon visiting for the first time the much glorified Hollywood, California...