August 28, 2013

Florence. October, 1980

Here in the Boboli Gardens, I wonder how many other times this statue has been subject to similar photographic indignities. This was my first trip to Italy and I loved it. So much so that I returned there three more times in the 1980s. On one trip, I looked up a Florentine young man that a colleague at work had met when she’d visited the city. She gave me a baby gift for him, which I dutifully delivered, and he asked me what sights I intended to see. When I mentioned the paintings of Fra Angelico at the San Marco Museum, he suggested we meet there the following morning. Which we did. Unfortunately. I hadn’t realized that this man was a professional tour guide, and I was mortified as we walked the museum and he announced to me in a stentorian voice things like, “Notice the way the painter accentuates objects in nature...” and such. Other museum goers actually came up to him and asked him to lower his voice, which he declined to do. I couldn’t get out of there and away from him fast enough.

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