January 2, 2014

Cartagena, Spain. November, 2013

What was this strange item that we kept seeing in the produce markets of the various Spanish towns we visited? It looks like some kind of peeled artichoke, no? Finally, in Cádiz, we worked up the nerve to ask. Fruit or vegetable? Fruit. How do you eat it? Slice it in half and spoon it out, spitting out the many seeds. What color is it inside? White. How come we’ve never seen it in the United States? It’s a tropical fruit. We bought one and sliced it open at lunch on our boat the next day, unleashing a torrent of curiosity among both our fellow guests and our Indonesian crew, each of whom had a story of something similar in his homeland. Like papaya with plenty of seeds, it was very sweet and probably not something we need to try again.

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