December 29, 2014

Springfield, NJ. Spring, 1956

Hard to imagine that this sweet little boy would grow up to be an old man. Better than the alternative, I guess. Happy birthday to me.


  1. A young boy sits with monogramed tie and smiles with aplomb,
    Looking at a wristwatch which tells it's nearly ten to one
    One o'clock is Sandy's lunch time, lots of friends and fancy cake
    Although it's only cafeteria eating.... oh how long ten minutes take

    How the distant Manhattan skyline gleams, orange the midday sun
    All in his sparkling eye reflected, and still ten minutes left 'til one.
    The necktie is long gone and so's the shirt mom ironed for show,
    The wristwatch is also stopped but how's young Sandy supposed to know?

    He's unaware he's grown up and gone away, that this is not grade three,
    The watch still says nearly lunch time, where can all the children be?

    For ages now the photo's lain unwanted, of him sitting stiffly, smiling with aplomb,
    He'll never know how many years have passed, till the clock reads after one
    Don't tell him that the watch is broken, for as long as Sandy doesn't know,
    It will always soon be lunch time ... as it was so long ago.

  2. Oh, all right ... this is where I got it. It is a BBC TV classic by Jeremy Lloyd, the actor/writer who created and scripted "Are You Being Served," based on his own experiences as a true-life Mr. Humphries at a London department store. You may also remember him as a regular on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In." He died last week: