August 9, 2015

Watertown, MA. July, 2015

I feel like the proud papa, showing off my first-born. This year, suspecting that ignoring the principle of crop rotation (about which I'd learned in elementary school) was the cause of my diminishing returns on the tomato plants I've been trying to grow in the same raised bed for some 12 years now, I decide to plant only flowers and herbs. I started some 30 sunflower plants from seeds, and all but about six were ravaged by squirrels and other nocturnal critters. So I was especially happy when this beauty germinated, grew and blossomed. And I'm happy that that bee in the center showed his approval, too. [UPDATE: When I returned home from Gloucester this morning, I was shocked to see that some critter had eaten the entire flower head. And the flower heads of three neighboring plants, too.]

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