November 24, 2015

Leaving Palermo. October, 2015

On every Windstar cruise we've been on, we've always met some extraordinarily nice people with whom to pal around. Like Marsha here, waving up to me from the pool deck. And, left of her, smiling Eve. And just in front of her, camera-shy Gail. (Have no idea who the woman in the foreground is.) All three of these London ladies had worked in the music industry (Chrissie Hynde, Pink Floyd) and had some wonderful tales. We were sure to see them each day at around 4pm when tea was offered. I remember hearing Gail say that she was going for a "cuppa" and a "bickie." Plus, they knew who my late friend Coral Browne was, so I could download all of my stories about her. Can't you tell from this photo how fun-loving they are?

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