November 27, 2015

Tucson. November, 2015

You are not allowed to take photos within the Center for Creative Photography. Which is what accounts for the poor quality of this shot I sneaked when no one was looking. I had to. It is a photograph (Double Self-Portrait) by our old friend Arthur Tress. Jay had first met him almost 40 years ago in Provincetown where Arthur had taken some "art photos" of him. I met him when he came to visit us in Cambridge a few years later. During that visit (I remember his exclaiming from an upper room "Che musica, signore!" when I put on the soundtrack from The Godfather, Part II), Arthur had asked me to pose clad only in my Jockeys on the grand staircase in Harvard's Widener Library in front of the beautiful Sargent murals there. I was too shy at the time and now regret not having agreed to it. Sadly, we've lost touch.

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