March 22, 2011

Hollywood, CA. April, 2006

I can’t explain it. Don’t understand it. My beloved friend (and best art director/partner I’ve ever worked with) loves Doris Day. And so, on one of our working trips to Los Angeles, we had to stop for a photo op at Grauman’s (I still can’t call it by its new name, Mann’s) Chinese Theater, a mecca of Old Hollywood. While most of the tourists gathered around the prints of more predictable stars (Monroe, Bogart, Gable, Abbott and Costello), Mike headed straight for Miss D. (Is it because, like him, she loves animals so much? Because her frothy blonde working-girl romantic comedies strike a personal chord with him? Who knows?) Other moments from this California trip may have been deemed more “productive” vis-a-vis business, but none remains more memorable than this. We also took photos at Joan Crawford’s imprint (mimicking a shot I’d vamped for at the same sacred location in 1981) and along the “Walk of Stars” (where Mike posed over the five-pointer with which lookalike Kevin Spacey had been honored), but his tribute to Doris D. is still the best. (In the interest of full disclosure, it should be noted that he is also a big fan of Charo. Just saying.)

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