March 28, 2011

Zurich. June, 2007

I did not grow up in a household where breakfast was considered important. Sometimes on a Sunday morning, we’d stop at the Summit Bakery on our way home from church and get fresh rolls and donuts. That’s about it. When I grew up, the same standard applied with a real breakfast being something special, something to have while on vacation. Here’s a mighty special vacation breakfast at the splendid Hotel Storchen in Zurich. En route home from Istanbul, I had an overnight stop here with Nick -- just enough time for dinner with our friend Andreas, a traditional voyeuristic walk through the honky-tonk red-light district, a bracing early-morning run around the park-bordered lake and this sampling of local charcuterie, breads, jams and cheeses. The generous breakfast buffet was set up in a sunny, airy room with tables on an adjoining outside terrace from which we could see snow-capped mountains in the distance. The Storchen is somewhat more upscale than my usual choice of lodgings and it made for a very nice one-nighter in this, the “world’s most livable city.” Especially as I enjoyed several return trips to the buffet before we were finished.

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