March 15, 2011

Worcester, MA. Winter, 1986

The Boulevard Diner has been at 155 Shrewsbury Street since 1932, though its current structure is a classic Worcester Lunch Car manufactured nearby in 1936. (Worcester was the diner-manufacturing capital of the world at that time.) “The Bully,” as locals know it, features wooden booths, counter seating for around 10 customers, stainless steel and tile, and it stays open all the time (OK, it closes for six hours on Sundays. Sue me.) And, as you can see, it serves up the kind of welcoming fare that has kept people coming back for more through the years. Or at least it kept Dali, Patti, Bernard and me coming back for more on that cold winter’s day. Look at the choices! How can you decide? (Fortunately The Bully does not serve bread pudding as that would have caused me to disgrace myself even more than I did, forcing me to order two desserts as bread pudding and grapenut pudding are both mandatory when they appear on diner menus.) I haven’t been back since, though I’ve driven by (as a passenger; if I had been the driver, a quick stop would have been in the cards for sure.) How about everything on the menu to go (15 EXTRA) with POT & VEG?


  1. Oh Sandy...the Bully..I ended many intebriated evenings there! At the time it was run by a father and 2 sons and the show they would put on (classic italian father yelling at his no good sons) while cooking your food was worth the line we would need to stand in to get in at 12:30am in the morning.You never knew what was going to happen once you got into that diner car. Although you could be guaranteed the breakfast around. Sadly I never went there during the day.

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