May 16, 2011

Gloucester, MA. August, 2008

Nancy and Cathy. Two wonderful reasons why working at the most respected name in sound used to be such a great pleasure. When Eileen (who snapped this picture at our annual end-of-summer party) and I learned that Mike (another wonderful reason) loved beauty pageants, we secretly cooked up an idea. We told him that Nancy had been the former reigning Miss MetroWest (a suburban area some 15 miles west of Boston) and Mike became gaga and starry-eyed. Partly because it was so believable -- Nancy with her effervescent charm, unfailing comportment and pride of appearance could have carried the winning crown, scepter and sash with ease. It was only years later, in my sad forgetfulness at lunch, that I asked Mike, “Do you remember when we made up that story about Nancy being Miss MetroWest? Who did we tell that to?” His face sank with profound shock and disappointment, and I got my sad answer.

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  1. Thank you for the photo. Nancy is back, at least temporarily, and I certainly do hope that Kathy's garden is doing better than mine.

    Two weeks of rain and foul weather -- who needs it. At least the chives, oregano, Siberian tarragon and rhubarb are all doing fine.