May 1, 2011

Mount Tabor, NJ. Autumn, 1973

Do you think it’s really true that we get a whole new set of cells during each seven-year cycle? I ask because I’ve got a severe cat allergy now, but evidently didn’t have one back when this recently found photo was taken. (Of course, I may have had one and been completely unaware of it, frequently in an “altered” state as I was in those days.) A high-school teacher in Summit, NJ, I lived about a 30-minute drive away in this small, former Methodist summer community, dotted with charming gingerbread cottages and neighborly staircases built into the side of the hill. My next-door neighbor was also a friend at the time and we were both taking a photography class at a nearby college. This shot must have been part of a homework assignment. I have no recollection where the six kittens came from. Oh, the many things that change over the years: cells, allergies, altered states, friendships.

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