September 11, 2011

Madrid. October, 2009

Madrid, like many European capitals, has a terrific subway system. Easy to understand, to follow, to pay for, to use. (Can you say the same for Manhattan’s subways?) And while I always enjoy using the Madrid metro, I am faced with two unusual challenges. Challenge #1: My credit and debit cards always seem to misbehave when I try to buy a multi-trip packet of tickets from the vending machines. (Jay has no problem paying with his cards.) Challenge #2: Because Jay has a fear of heights that gets triggered when he has to go down steep escalators or stairs, we have to be cautious about which stations to use. Most, especially stations where you change lines, have many levels. Some have elevators, some not. The Green Line station at La Latina is a memorably troublesome one (no elevator; one huge down escalator.) Fortunately, with practice and memory, routes can be devised to avoid this problem most of the time. But those ticket machines....

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