September 17, 2011

Tucson. April, 2010

Downtown Tucson faces challenges. I’ve been visiting my friends Simon and David there for some 20 years and the storefronts along Congress Street and Broadway change hands, close, reopen as something else, undergo remodeling, then close again. There have been bookstores, art galleries, upscale local crafts shops, cafes, you name it. One of my favorites, the Cafe Quebec, was having difficulties, went on the market, was bought and reopened by someone else, had a name change, etc. Last time I was there, it was struggling. Another favorite, the Cafe Magritte, gone. In spite of that great name. Happily, an all-time favorite, Wig-O-Rama, remains. Although, as you can witness, it has seen better days. The huge windows (barred no less) are filled with lineups of white styrofoam heads, each with a different style wig, most slightly askew. Some curly blonde creations, some throwbacks to The Supremes, even some turquoise and royal blue geometric cuts these days. We’re hoping that a few missing letters will not signal the end of this downtown institution.

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