February 16, 2012

Fette Sau, Brooklyn, NY. July, 2011

I’m not a voracious meat-eater. But every once in awhile, nothing seems to satisfy as much. So when Nick suggested a trip to this BBQ joint in the Williamsburg neighborhood, I was delighted. Fette Sau is hip (like its location) and basic and good. You enter what seems to have once been an auto-repair shop and approach the counter. A chalkboard indicates what’s available that day, and the server puts a piece of butcher paper on a metal tray and loads it up with your selections. No plates. We got (clockwise from lower left) pulled pork, half-sour pickles, flank steak, sausages, broccoli salad, ribs and pork belly. (The hamburger buns we left; we were both dieting.) Rolls of paper towels on the picnic tables (both inside and out) and utensils as needed. A complete bar tended by a real sweetheart completes the scene. This meat-heavy meal is probably not for everyday...but I can’t wait to return.

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  1. Love the contrast of the blue shirt. I like how your shades match the sausages. You realize, of course, that "Fette Sau" means "Fat Sow" in German. Not a frequent restaurant name, though definitely an epithet that Germans frequently hurl at each other. In rather less appetizing situations than the one pictured here.