February 28, 2012

Tangier. November, 2010

Oh, no. Just before we landed in Tangier, my camera started misbehaving. Shades of purple would appear. The image would blur and run. But mercifully, not on every picture. So I would never know if I’d get the shot or, as in this case, not. Fortunately I managed to take plenty of photos in both Tangier and in our next and last stop, Lisbon. And when I got home, Canon customer service was extraordinarily helpful. They listened to my description of the trouble, acknowledged their responsibility for the problem, reassured me that it would be fixed...and then not only paid for postage both ways for the free repair, but had my camera back to me within a week! So, as evocative as this lavender blur of Tangier’s medina may be, I’m happy to be back on track for more conventional photos with my trusty Canon PowerShot A95, a simple and reliable travel companion.


  1. I rather like it. Especially since a story goes with it and it is a one-off original. Would look great blown up seven feet wide on a black wall in stark Berlin penthouse overlooking Brandenburg Gate (at night). And anyway, "It's not purple it's heliotrope," as the wraith-like costume designer lisps to Vicky (Marilyn Monroe) in "There's No Business Like Show Business."

  2. I actually adore this shot. The kind of visual that would work well with Washed Out's "Life of Leisure EP" especially this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S-0TYeg9Rzc&feature=related