February 26, 2012

WGBH Studios, Boston. August, 1988

Each summer, when Vincent Price would come to Boston to tape his introductions to Mystery!, we’d have a small party after we’d finished. His wife, the actress Coral Browne, would arrive for the event, and we’d all have a generally good time. On Vincent’s last day of taping before he retired as program host in 1988, the party was a tad more extravagant, posters of him hanging around the studio, monitors showing scenes from his classic films, some of the crew members’ families in attendance. The stage manager’s French wife arrived with their young daughter who became fascinated with the scenes from The Tingler. When the spiny demon emerged to choke one of its victims, the little girl became upset and concerned and asked her mother for consolation. “Oui, ma cherie,” her mother comforted, “C’est langouste.” (Of course a little New England girl would recognize a lobster.)


  1. Lovely photo for a lovely anecdote. It's interesting how well so many Vincent Price movies have stood the test of time. "The Tingler" is a great example. Columbia distributed it in 1959 on a double bill with "Juke Box Rhythm." Whenever blood-curdling screams occurred in the movie, hidden buzzers vibrated the seats. (This feature was called "Percepto.") Shills planted in the audience let out their own screams. But gimmicks aside, "The Tingler" became a classic, largely due to Vincent Price's gripping portrayal of an anguished man -- "The Tingler" as metaphor for angst. Just as timely today as it was over half a century ago, often listed among the 100 Most Memorable Horror Movies: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GY-B3Z0DeUA

  2. What a joyful anecdote. It's brightened my day. Thanks for sharing Sandy.