October 17, 2012

Tucson. November, 2006

Issues and candidates. And endless television ads. “Critical analysis” from so-called experts. It’s too much even for me, who stopped watching television on Election Night 2000: First Gore was winning, then Bush, so this former news junkie went to bed knowing the outcome would be decided upon awakening. Guess what? It wasn’t. The whole Florida ballot mess. I decided I had had enough and haven’t turned on the TV since. Still, I can’t escape political posters, even some that make me smile like this one I passed on my traditional downtown walk in Tucson. (I thought Dean Martin was long gone.) Anyway, I’ve already absentee voted in the 2012 election -- for president, for senator, for local contests and ballot questions. And I’m happy to be leaving the country tomorrow, not back until Election Night. I will, I hope, miss the last three weeks of all this.

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  1. Arriving home on Election Night? Oh dear! Be prepared for delays. Mercury turns Retrograde on Election day -- just as it did on Election Day in 2000. Retrograde Mercury means snafus in communications, commerce, travel -- and things like counting ballots -- reversals and detours of all sorts. The winner of the popular vote could end up losing the electoral vote ... it happened in 2000.