October 31, 2012

Lucca, Italy. May, 1988

I have not seen my friend Antonio in almost 25 years. We met for the first time in 1984 when I was touring Italy solo, taking trains all over the place, from Venice to Palermo. When I got off the train in Lucca, Antonio was there waiting for me. We’d never met before, but we’d corresponded frequently (in the days before email) and exchanged artworks through a network of mail artist connections. I remember staying at his parents’ house, touring the city, visiting him in his graphic design studio, meeting his girlfriend Roberta (in orange, above). I have not seen him since visiting Lucca in 1988 (Antonio is holding a wineglass in the photo) with Nick and Miriam. If all goes as planned, Antonio will be coming to meet us in Portovenere today with his wife Anna Maria and his children Suzy and Tiziano. I cannot wait to see him again, to meet his wife and his son and daughter.

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