November 1, 2012

Paris. December, 2005

Today is All Saints’ Day, a national holiday in France where it’s known as La Toussaint. And a holiday in Italy, too, Tutti Santi. Once in Rome on this day, we’d decided to drive to the country for lunch and I remember Paolo (occasional Fellini actor and Dali’s ex-boyfriend) checking to make sure there were no cemeteries on the route because all Italians go to their ancestors’ graves on this day and the traffic would be intense. One year on Tutti Santi, I was visiting Antonio and Roberta in Lucca and they brought me to their family picnic at the cemetery. (I still remember Roberta was wearing a Betty Boop T-shirt with “Let’s Get Physical” emblazoned across it.) Jay and I are slated to spend an overnight in Monte Carlo this evening. I expect the place will be packed with vacationers taking advantage of the long weekend as tomorrow, All Souls’ Day, is also a national holiday. And those luckyduck French schoolchildren have a two-week autumn vacation right about now, too.

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  1. and a holiday also in Portugal: Dia de Todos os Santos