November 4, 2012

Parc Güell, Barcelona. March, 1995

Who is that mysterious Catalan at the gates of Gaudí’s famed park, photographed on our first visit to Barcelona almost 18 years ago? Oh, wait... For Jay’s 50th birthday present, I told him I’d take him on a trip anywhere he wanted, that he should think about it. That he shouldn’t say Montreal if he really wanted to go to Moscow. After a few days, he told me he’d decided. Key West. Key West!?! I asked, “Really? Wouldn’t you rather go to Spain?” Well, yes, he said, so we went to Spain. Madrid, Toledo, Córdoba, Granada, Sevilla and Barcelona. Today, we’re back in Barcelona (if all goes as planned), a favorite of ours that we visited again in 2010. Here for two nights to revisit our favorite modernisme buildings, shops, tapas bars. (For the record, Jay offered me the same present on my 50th birthday. My choice, a place I’d always wanted to visit: Istanbul. And Jay replied, “Absolutely not!” He was afraid. I wasn’t. I wound up going with Nick a few years later. Oh, wait...I’m not 50 yet. At least not in this photo.)

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  1. Glad to see on your Facebook "status update" this morning that things did indeed go as planned and that you are in Barcelona at this very moment. When you get to be 50, let me know what it's like ....