April 13, 2013

Tucson. November, 2006

My friend Miles is a painter whose primary medium is encaustic. By mixing pigment with wax, he employs this ancient technique to create some pretty amazing visuals. I was one in Tucson to see an installation of his called Hive, which is exactly what it was. A walk-through, wax-coated hive, made from some of the same plastic webbing you see here in his multi-panel work shown at his Tucson gallery. An acclaimed champion of encaustic, Miles teaches classes in the medium and generously shows and encourages other artists who use it. I’m glad they have air conditioning in Tucson. It gets so hot there sometimes, I worry. (I'm hoping that I'll be able to visit Miles's gallery today in Tucson. Or maybe I already did so yesterday.)

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  1. This is the bees' knees. I love encaustic. All I can say is "Fayoum"!