June 21, 2013

Istanbul. October, 2011

Before I went to the City of the World’s Desire, I learned that there were packs of friendly dogs that roamed the city at will. As a runner, I was a bit apprehensive. And when I was running there, I did run into some of these groups of dogs, none of which seemed to pay me the slightest attention. I’m told that in Istanbul, people don’t keep dogs as indoor pets, but they take care of certain dogs who live outside in public places. Like these two, sleeping peacefully in Galata Square as crowds pass by and drop, as seen here, a bit of cracker.

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  1. Doggie snacks! Yes, that's a great tip for any jogger, postman, meter reader, cat burglar or anyone else who is apt to come in for close encounters of the canine kind. Carry a few dog biscuits with you. I knew a postman in Cambridge who did that ... he conditioned every dog on his route ... they all salivated when they saw him coming. I remember his vacation stand-in asking me why all the dogs in the neighborhood were drooling and eyeing him so strangely. I explained the dog biscuit trick. Next day, the substitute letter carrier had all the "mad" dogs literally eating out of his hands. Works like a charm.