December 31, 2013

Rome. October, 2011

Walking at night in the Eternal Città. What memories this photo brings back of months spent in Rome during 1980, 1984, 1986, 1988. Pre-euro, it was easy and cheap to live there. Especially when a nighttime stroll was all the entertainment you’d need to keep yourself amused. Plus maybe a stop in a bar, in a pastry shop for a little qualche cosa di buono. (Wise Romans move their cars out of the city and into the country tonight. Why? Because revelers in the Eternal Città take New Year’s Eve seriously, tossing “the old” out of their apartment windows. “The old,” as in old refrigerators, televisions and other car-damaging appliances. Happy New Year.)

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  1. Happy New Year, Sandy, full of snapshot opportunities.