July 10, 2014

Bodrum, Turkey. October, 2011

My oldest (in a good way) friend in the world, Nick, is not only a bread enthusiast, he’s also a Turkey enthusiast. And so I feel compelled to track down and sample each kind of bread I can find each time I visit Asia Minor. Here in the ancient city of Halicarnassus, I researched two: a rustic cornbread specialty of Black Sea baking offered by a family of bakers who’d emigrated to the southern Turkish coast, and this variation on simit. The sesame seed-coated morsel is usually found in rings, so when I saw this straight-up version, well, I had to try it. (The knife in the photo is simply for size reference and does not comment on the resistance of the bread. Just saying.) Nick recently spent time throughout Turkey, learning to make a variety of doughs, breads and pastries. Does this mean I no longer have an excuse to do my enjoyable research?

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