January 5, 2015

WGBH Radio, Boston. Mid-1980s?

When my friend Diane’s mother, “Annie Baltimore,” visited our WGBH workplace one day, we took her into the radio studio of our pal Ron Della Chiesa whose other guest that day was Robert Merrill. Was Little Miss Ann intimidated by the man she so admired? On the contrary. She soon had the Metropolitan Opera star singing Yiddish duets with her, much to the delight of all gathered. Sadly, Annie B is no longer with us, but her memory lives on in many, many wonderful stories like this one. And her spirit lives on in Diane whose birthday is today. All best wishes, Diane. And mazel tov.


  1. What a wonderful vignette from the magical, courageous life of Miss Anne, who was a regular dynamo. From what I've heard, she wasn't afraid of Lorne Greene either.

  2. That's right, Bob. She was just a regular dynamo . . . who approached Lorne Greene upon arrival at LAX, introducing herself as "representing the senior citizens." Not knowing quite what to make of her--but careful not to alienate a member of his adoring public--he took her quite seriously. And I, natch, took a photo.