February 11, 2015

Istanbul. September, 2014

Here's our friend Cenk who lives in Istanbul. When Jay and I asked him to pick a place for the three of us to have dinner, he picked one his favorite spots, Çiya. Which happens to be one of our favorites, too. It was a warm night and Cenk managed to get us a table outside. Lots of good food, lots of laughs and lots of good conversation (ranging from Anatolian cooking to Justin Bieber.) At the end of the night, as we all headed to the various ferries that would take us home across the Bosphorus, Cenk gave us two copies of his beautiful book, named for his excellent blog, Cafe Fernando. One copy for us, one for our friend (and his friend) Nick. Check out Cenk's blog. And keep your fingers crossed (as we have ours) that his book (Time Out Istanbul's Cookbook of the Year!) will soon be available in English.

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