February 13, 2016

Las Vegas. January, 2004?

Every first week of January, the Consumer Electronics Show used to descend upon Las Vegas and sometimes I, as an employee of the most respected name in sound, would get to attend. Aside from seeing all the new gadgets and gizmos, CES was known for its abundance of giveaways (T-shirts, pens, etc.) that we'd bring back to Bose and distribute to our colleagues. What I found most amusing about the whole circus though was that the Adult Entertainment Industry would have its convention at the same time. It was fun trying to determine which people were in town for which trade show. Here's a photo that my colleague Kim snapped at the entrance to one of the many CES exhibit halls. Which trade show, do you think, brought those two ladies to Vegas. Tough call. (Click here to see another photo by Kim, this one of Dr. Blake.)

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