February 29, 2016

Amasra, Turkey. September, 2014

The indoor market here in this Black Sea town had an astounding collection of BIG things. Just take a look at this accumulation of home-grown garlic. This is also the market where I encountered the biggest cabbages I've even seen. They looked as if they were about to go condo. I remember that most vendors were a bit reserved...until I dropped a little of the Turkish language I had learned. And I do mean a little. Mostly I can say, "I speak a little Turkish but my Turkish is not very good" or "Unfortunately I have no money at all." The first elicits a fine response. The second, no.

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  1. From my iPhone I thought these were fluffy balls of cotton. Upon a closer look I see a type of handi work from farm to market with no processing involved. It's such a different life around the world. Thanks for this photo.