December 30, 2016

Essex, MA. September, 2016

When our friends Marco and Roberto were visiting from NYC not long ago, Dr. Blake and I tried to come up with some place very "New England" that these two restaurateurs might not find everyday in Manhattan. Woodman's! Our favorite fried seafood shack. We love it. They loved it. And tonight, in spite of the visit with our friends three months ago, Dr. B and I head back there for our annual December 30 tradition: a combo fisherman's platter. Same reliable fried goodness. Plus the peace and quiet of off-season without the summer crowds. (Today is my mother's birthday; she would have been 97, and she would have approved of our choice.) UPDATE: Because of much holiday dining both in and out this year, we may display our "signature flexibility" and postpone our annual Woodman's birthday meal to sometime next month when we really need a mid-winter treat.

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