March 16, 2017

Charlestown, MA. March, 2016

Twice a year, as do many American cities, Boston declares "Restaurant Week," (now foolishly re-branded as "Dine Out Boston.") Restaurateurs, especially those who want to beef up their potential customers list, offer special menus at reduced prices. My friend Christian and I decided to try a local Moroccan place, Tangerino, seen here. I like basic and unfussy places, where they focus their energies on the food rather than on the decor. (Tablecloths tend to make me suspect and uncomfortable.) And while this place was OK, it was a little self-conscious and heavily draped. The Restaurant Week meal was good, relatively inexpensive compared to other weeks of the year...but I suspect I won't be returning soon to this red-velvety, louche spot. Thank G_d the belly dancer was not on that night.

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