June 30, 2011

Baltimore. July, 1992

Who’s that with Georgia? That’s actually what we call a delightfully endless series of photos that our beloved friend has continued to add to over the years, topping herself each time. Somehow, even in Baltimore (though not exclusively), she manages to find out where the (alleged) celebrities are going to appear (concerts, book signings, public events) and shows up with her Instamatic. The result? Her friends have been sometimes shocked but always entertained by prints of her with the likes of Johnny Mathis, Jesse Jackson, Gregory Hines, Cornel West, Bobby Short (featuring a guest appearance by her daughter Dana), the list goes on and on. And it’s’ not just black men, either, as evidenced here by her snap with Quentin Crisp, as well as others with Leon Uris, Ben Gazzara, Nancy Pelosi, Amy Goodman. Additionally, in her spare time, she manages to keep up on ALL the showbiz news from the past six or so decades, wondering why the recent obits for Tony Curtis “failed to mention” how good he was in The Rat Race, why friends don’t send her condolences on the anniversary of Jackie O’s death, why Melina Mercouri’s passing went improperly unheralded, why no one, in short, “honors the greats” anymore. Georgia, you are the greatest of them all.

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