June 25, 2011

BTO, Tucson. April, 2010

Can you say “gold mine”? This hopping place is a new favorite in Tucson, introduced to me by Simon and David and mercifully shoehorned in twice during my visit. Thank you. On Speedway just a bit west of the University, it’s a self-serve frozen yogurt emporium with almost 20 flavors and just as many toppings, always packed and always worth it. (As I write this, there are four locations in Arizona, two more in Ohio.) Small Sony screens above the yogurt dispensers indicate the flavors (taro, peach, nutella, peanut butter, strawberry, cookies & cream, pineapple, green tea, espresso, you get the picture) and because there are sugar-free and dairy-free offerings, too, it has something to offer just about every diet. Plus, as if all that weren’t good enough, they even offer you teensy little cups so you can sample the different flavors before you decide. The place is spotless, it has tables inside and out, the young staffers are genuinely nice and the design is chic-alors. Choose your flavors, pile on your toppings, weigh (BTO = by the ounce) and pay. The best.

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