October 25, 2011

Plaça del Pi, Barcelona. November, 2010

Isn’t it great to have a meal outside? Even when the calendar tells you it’s impractical? I remember a great al fresco lunch with Patti in Rome in mid-November at Vecchia Roma: fettucine with white truffles, roast lamb, mmmmm. I also recall a New Year’s Eve lunch in Paris at Le Comptoir where patrons were so eager to eat there (on the last day before the resto shut for vacation) that they sat outside, with blankets on them, under an awning to shelter them from the falling snow. (We waited for an indoor table and loved the pied de cochon.) Here, some diners in Barcelona on a mild November night around 10:30, prime time for dinner in Spain. No Los Angeles-style heaters for these Catalans. Just some good food, some good wine, some good company. Some good music, too, as guitarists practiced nearby. Lovely.

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