October 8, 2011

Watertown, MA. October, 2010

Where to begin on this one? First of all, what is the wisdom behind nailing this sign to a telephone pole outside a supermarket in a squarely middle-class neighborhood? I wonder just how many Warhols are within a five-mile radius? And of those, how many are potentially up for sale? And what art collector would want to do business with someone whose placard occupies a space normally reserved for broadsides of the “Make $$$ Working at Home” and “Lose Weight Fast” variety. Who posted this? You don’t suppose it’s Sotheby’s, do you? An economic sign of the times, alas, this classy notice has been here for months, not far from my home. I smile each time I see it. And while I’m mighty curious, I don’t think I’ll soon be calling their 24-hr message service (local number with, surprise!, no directory listing information available.)

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  1. I'm guessing Don Levy did the posting.