February 7, 2013

Barcelona, November, 2012

Oh, the glories of tapas. And the casual approach to these side dishes of potatoes, sausages, omelets, seafood and much more extends to the surroundings as well. Here we are, once again, with great pleasure at Tapas 24, a popular spot in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood. So popular is this place that it was packed even late this afternoon, well after lunch and well, well before any respectable Spaniard’s dinnertime (usually 10-11pm.) Alas, the tapas revolution that seems to have taken hold in los Estados Unidos hopes to approach the content of the dishes but seems to have completely neglected the “whatever” quality of the atmosphere. Maybe it’s just the Boston places I’ve visited that invest their delivery of “small plates” with a reverence and sanctity I’ve never experienced in Spain. Or maybe I just miss the chalkboard menus written in Catalan.

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